Sanja is digital marketing professional, turning things she's passionate about into a full time career. Not wanting to be jack of all trades and master of none, she’s concentrating on digital marketing consultancy for something she's deeply passionate about - creative industries.

She started her career in digital marketing playground and stayed there - building brand awareness, defining digital strategies, managing digital channels, creating and implementing social media content, planning and executing digital advertising and being creative and awesome in general.

From agency life and regional and global brands to marketing for startups in an investment fund - all those experiences taught her how to coordinate different projects simultaneously, while managing various parties all working together to create, maintain and innovate brand image for clients.


Coca-Cola, Amstel, Heineken, Reebok, Plazma, Wellness, Knjaz Milos, Aqua Viva, Lolam, Central Dance Event, DOT, Strawberry Energy etc.